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What Is A Patient Assessment?

What is a patient assessment?

A patient assessment involves a podiatrist gathering details about a person, their foot complaints/concerns and information about their current state of health.

A podiatrist will use this information to write an individual treatment plan.

What does a patient assessment involve?

On your first visit, the podiatrist will ask you for some personal details which are likely to include; your full name, address, DOB, occupation, next of kin, GP contact details, details of any previous chiropody treatments? and information about your presenting foot complaint. You will be asked questions about your current state of health and all medical conditions/illnesses will be noted.

All details of medication you take and any allergies will also be documented so make sure you have a list of all your pills!

The podiatrist may ask you for any additional information that they think is relevant to your treatment plan such as whether you smoke, how mobile you are and type of shoe wear worn.

The podiatrist will then carry out some tests to assess; the circulation in your feet, sensation in the feet and your foot function.

Please note that all personal information is keep confidential between practitioner and patient.

Why do I need a patient assessment and why do you need all this information about me?

Your personal details are necessary, so you, your next of kin or General Practitioner (GP) are contactable if necessary. For example, we would contact your GP to request antibiotics if you had an infected ingrowing toe nail or if your assessment identified any concerns that we felt should be made known to your GP. In certain cases we may suggest a GP referral to see an National Health Service (NHS) Podiatrist who works closely with other health care providers and provides additional services.

If you already see an NHS Podiatrist but would like more frequent attention to your feet we are more than happy to fit you in between your NHS appointments.

Many medical conditions can affect the feet that’s why it is important that you provide us with details about your health. For example long term uncontrolled diabetes can cause poor circulation and lack of sensation in the feet (neuropathy). People with neuropathy may be unaware of damage to their feet and may develop wounds (ulcers). Poor circulation in the feet can affect healing and cause a risk of infection.

It is important that we have a list of all the pills you take as all medication has side effects which can affect the feet. For example, drugs taken to thin the blood can affect healing and clotting time. We will only ask for additional information if we think it is relevant.

It is important that you let the podiatrist know, if any of your details or medications change.

Once we have completed your assessment we can formulate a treatment plan. The assessment will also allow us, to let you know how often it is advisable to be seen or whether a short course of treatments or just a one off treatment is necessary.

What treatments do we offer and what is included?

On your first visit there is a £5 charge for the initial assessment regardless of whether you need just a nail cut or a full chiropody treatment. The £5 charge is refundable on your second appointment.

The initial consultation/assessment can take up to 30mins

Edited: March 29th, 2011

What Is The Difference Between A Podiatrist And A Chiropodist?

One question that is frequently asked is what is the difference between a Podiatrist and a Chiropodist? Well put simply, podiatry is the new name for chiropody. A podiatrist can carry out biomechanical assessments, perform nail surgery, as well as cutting your nails and taking care of your corns and calluses. find new domain . Also, technically chiropody covers both hands and feet, where as podiatry covers just feet. Podiatry is also the word used in other English speaking countries.

Edited: March 21st, 2011

Are You Looking For A Podiatrist In Eastbourne?

If you’re looking for a podiatrist in the Eastbourne area of East Sussex, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our Senior Podiatrist – Julia Price is happy to offer a visiting podiatry service in Eastbourne and the surrounding area at very competitive prices.

Discounts are also available for couples and for groups of three or more when treated at the same time.

For more information, or to book an appointment please call 07876 632733.

Edited: March 27th, 2010

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